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New Interactive Game – OMG

One thing I (ok we lol) pride ourselves on is creating, developing or investing in Adult Games or partnering with amazing super Sexy Designers to bring you the best out there! Well, today we did just that, finalizing our partnership with Life Selector. What amazing group and concept, one that I personally cannot stop playing
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Technology and Swinging

I think technology is marvellous! I love working from home and do my banking on line while sending large documents overseas with a click using a data bank somewhere in the cloud and download recipes on a separate computer (that one is a domestic computer, it came with a pair of oven mitts!). All in
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@SapphireLV The Place for Couples

Warning: For my sexy but non-hardcore friends, this is not for you. MY VEGAS (PART 1) A while back I mentioned that I would let you know of a few adventures we had in Las Vegas, well I guess every time you arrive there is an adventure regardless of who you are, lol. After an
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Slap me NOT!!

I write this with a lot of respect for those who have different sexual boundaries and perhaps a greater sense of adventure! I love testing my personal limitations and believe that if tolerable, I should at least try new things before voicing my opinion about it. With that in mind, awhile back, my beloved asked
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Lets Stay Clean People

This must be said! It is unbelievable how often I have had this conversation with other people, male or female, swinger or not.  And I also have to note that this is the year 2014 and water is free! So why do some people feel that they can offer their unwashed genitals for eating is
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The Sexy Sportsgirl??

Let’s face it; we all look for a mate, preferably a soul mate.  Some of us are even so lucky that we share our lives with the “one”. So the importance of this biologically, socially, and emotionally process is not being ignored here. Presentation and first time impressions can have a life lasting impact on
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Taking One for the Team

So we all get excited about our sexy weekend plans. Fantasize about the guy and the girl and our partner and how sore we shall be all on Monday!  This part I like to call foreplay and I think is a great part of a sexual rendezvous. HOWEVER, when all is said and done and
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52 Weeks – The Couples App

Well, what a huge week and final countdown to our new App 52 Weeks being launched yesterday on Goggle Play and www.DareTwo.ca. A mad rush and dash to the finish line but we did it! Our first day saw over 400 couples download and start their progress through the first week, and heaven help the
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Oh the Brazilian!

Brazilian Anyone??

No, not referring to anyone’s nationality lol!  I am actually referring to the real estate of one’s vagina.
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Garlic before Swinging???

Oh Please Stop!

Here are some well researched and time tested properties of this wondrous article on earth, with major beneficiaries of Garlic being those with:
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