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52 Weeks – The Couples App

Well, what a huge week and final countdown to our new App 52 Weeks being launched yesterday on Goggle Play and www.DareTwo.ca. A mad rush and dash to the finish line but we did it! Our first day saw over 400 couples download and start their progress through the first week, and heaven help the
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Oh the Brazilian!

Brazilian Anyone??

No, not referring to anyone’s nationality lol!  I am actually referring to the real estate of one’s vagina.
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Garlic before Swinging???

Oh Please Stop!

Here are some well researched and time tested properties of this wondrous article on earth, with major beneficiaries of Garlic being those with:
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My First Time Swinging

Yes this is my actual, true story! This one is by request from our lovely local community Friend M. D. (no, he ain’t a medical doctor!). M.D. asked me to write something about threesome and my experiences, I don’t think our medical doctor is ready for this lol.  My first experience was a MFF with
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WTF Ashley Madison

WOW, How Low Can We sink?? Someone told me there is a cheating website for married people and I laughed. Then I checked it out and while I was going through the Website I wasn’t sure what my brain was registering.   After all, this wasn’t exactly like an escort site (good for you if you
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That scent makes me horny

Yep, that’s right. It ain’t his cash!!! (although that too helps in some cases for some people).  Have you ever heard someone saying “I just can’t get enough of his scent?”,  “ I look at her and I get all amorous” , “I can smell his breath”, “I love the scent under her arm” ??
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The G-string

Ohhh how I love my panties, but my most favourite….. Although most associate the G-string’s origin with the Chicago showgirls’, the term apparently was used in the early 19th Century to describe the string that held the Native American’s loin cloth together (somehow I tend to think we used to be smarter as a race,
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Hear Me Roar

Did you know I (we) have just done a Podcast with the very Sexy Devi Ward on Better Love and Sex? Devi asked us on to discuss our XXX Truth or Dare Adult Games for Swingers, Couples and Singles as well as our new DareTwo, 52 weeks Apps and of course our up and coming
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Really? It’s just a Period

Sexy is a matter of perception. Each one of us are turned on by different attributes in the partner(s) we choose and that all has to do with our makeup and environment (upbringing, beliefs, life experiences etc.), But most of all, we all know what is NOT sexy and how to avoid those “things” that
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What’s your favourite Position?

For me, it is the Reverse Cowgirl! Extreme penetration and it also gives easy access to my ass, for a little more play. I have never actually thought too much about what position I am in at the time, just a jumble of legs, arms bodies and trying to get that penis in me as
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